Availability of Sanitation Facilities is a major problem in India. For Men, they have the liberty and the whole world is an ‘Open Toilet’. The issue is that when Women do not find a proper toilet facility when they need it, either they have to ‘Hold it’ or compromise with their ‘Dignity’, ‘Pride’ by using an open space.

Mayank Midha (Founder, GARV Toilets) right from his childhood observed this problem when female family members had to face similar situations while the family took long road trips and there were no toilet facilities for hundreds of miles. The situation hasn’t really improved much in the past few decades.


With the need for some scalable and alternative solution in mind, While working with his Family-Owned Manufacturing Firm for a BTS Panel Project for TELENOR, Mayank noticed that Urban Telecom Antenna structures presently being utilized by tele-communications industry, can additionally be tweaked to be utilized as a portable toilets which are self-sustainable and can be furnished with innovation for appropriate upkeep. This initial spark, developed with intense brainstorming with the design team, charted out a viable plan that could address the problem of the sanitation in India and the developing world as a whole.

It took about 5 months for the designs to be finnalized, prototypes to be developed and tested. Around December 2015, The first model of Garv™ Toilet Models materialized. It was capable to address the issues of absence of public/community toilets in Semi-Urban.

zones, Urban Slums, Schools, Markets, ParkingLots, Government Institutions, Gram Panchayats (Villages), Real estate development sites (for workers) and so forth.


  • GARV SMART PORTABLE TOILET CABINS, are produced using Pure stainless steel.
  • All the fittings and accessories in the toilets are either welded or joined with concealed nuts and bolts. These specifications make the toilets Vandalism-proof and have the highest Product life and insignificant maintenance cost.
  • Garv toilets are self-suficient in terms of energy-usage and waste-disposal. Toilets are equipped with Solar Panels and Battery packs which powers the LED Lights, exhaust fans and sensors inside the toilet.
  • For Waste-disposal in places where sewage lines are not accessible, the toilet cabins are equipped with Bio-Digester Tanks. These tanks decompose the fecal matter through a bacterial action and the only output obtained is odorless, colorless liquid.
  • The Insulation technology empowers the cabin to maintain an ambient temperature in extreme climates.
  • GARV provides special models for Women. The “Toilets For Her” are equipped with Sanitary-Pad Vending Machines and Incinerators. Disablilty-Friendly toilets are designed with ramps, rails & easy to follow instructions.
  • GARV Toilets are equipped with Smart Technologies, like sensor based flushing systems which clean the toilet floor and lavatory pan, pre-and-post useage.
  • RFID and IoT sensors ensure that the implementing agencies get the real-time data updates with respect to any malfunctioning equipment in the toilet. The real-time reporting also updates the dashboard with health and hygiene related data of users, like how many users have used the toilet, how many of them used the flush, or how many of them used the soap dispensers/sanitizers and so forth.
  • This Real-time data collection helps the concerned agencies in designing future plans for the local communities with more accuracy.
  • Allied facilities of Garv Toilets, can generate revenues which help fund the operations and maintenance, decreasing the cost of usage for the end consumer.
  • The Cleaning team is GPS tracked and guided for regular maintenance.
GARV™ Toilet Models
S.No Specifications GARV™ Toilet - SS GARV™ Toilet - SSUR GARV™ Toilet - GS GARV™ Toilet - GSUR GARV™ Toilet - Eco
1 Raw Material Stainless Steel Sheet- 304 Grade Stainless Steel Sheet-304 Grade Galvanised Steel Sheet - 120 GSM Galvanised Steel Sheet - 120 GSM Galvanised Steel Sheet - 120 GSM
2 Model Lavatory 1 WC -SS SS URINAL - MENS (2) Lavatory 1 WC -SS SS URINAL - MENS (2) Lavatory 1 WC -SS
4 FT (W) X
7.2 FT (H)
4 FT (D) X
4.5 FT (W) X
7.2 FT (H)
4 FT (D) X
4 FT (W) X
7.2 FT (H)
4 FT (D) X
4.5 FT (W) X
7.2 FT (H)
3.5 FT (D) X
3.5 FT (W) X
6.5 FT (H)
4 CABIN Insulation (15mm) Yes Yes Yes Yes No
5 Double Skin Wall Yes Yes Yes Yes No
6 Inner Cabin Material SS-304 SS-304 SS-304 SS-304 NA
7 Exhaust Fan Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
8 SENSOR BASED FLUSH Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
9 LED Lights Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
10 Solar Panel with Battery Bank (40W) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
11 Powder Coated Not Required Not Required Yes Yes Yes
12 Water Tank 500 L Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes-250 L
13 Wash Basin Stainless Steel -304 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
14 Standard Plumbing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
15 Standard Electrical Fitting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
16 Door Lock with Keys Yes Yes Yes Yes Latch
17 DUSTBIN - Stainless Steel -304 grade Yes Yes Yes Yes No
18 Warranty Period 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
1 Coin Operated Door Locks
3 Eco-Bio Digester Tank Waste Disposal System for upto 500 services/day
4 RFID + IoT TAGS Monitoring System License for 20 parameters upto 50 toilets
5 Toilet Models for Specially-Abled

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